RFMW’s 10W GaN Amplifier supports SatCom

Qorvo TGA4548 SM operates from 17 to 20GHz and provides 10W of saturated output power with large signal gain of 22dBRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a 17 to 20GHz, high power MMIC amplifier from Qorvo. The TGA4548-SM provides 10W of saturated output power with a large signal gain of up to 22dB while small signal gain measures 27dB. With a 12dBm input, the power added efficiency is 30%. An integrated power detector supports system diagnostics and power monitoring for applications in satellite communications, point-to-point radio and direct broadcast systems. Offered in a 5×5.5mm SMT package, the TGA4548-SM draws 300mA from a 28V supply. For designs requiring hybrid assembly, this amplifier is available in DIE form as the TGA4548.

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