RFMW 5G ready mmWave Bias Tee

MECA 209K-MF-5 2.9mm, 40GHz Bias Tee for 5G applicationsRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for MECA’s 2.9mm, 40GHz Bias Tee. The 209K-MF-5 offers the ability to inject and retrieve both DC and RF signals in transmission lines; used for biasing active devices without the need for additional bias lines. The 209K-MF-5 operates down to 100MHz for applications ranging from test and measurement to OC768 transmitters and receivers. Featuring a maximum insertion loss of 3dB at 40GHz, it’s rated up to 25VDC and 150mA of current. Typical RF to bias port isolation is 30dB.

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