RFMW and Florida RF Labs Introduce Resistive Power Dividers

Florida RF RPD0212F Resistive Power Divider

RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for Florida RF Labs RPD Series of broad band Resistive Power Dividers. The RPD0212F is a DC to 12GHz, 2-way divider that handles up to 1W of CW power in an extremely compact size (0.098 in. x 0.098 in). The new RPD series offers significant advantages over on-board multi-resistor designs by providing excellent broadband frequency response, highly repeatable performance, and streamlined assembly process in a monolithic surface-mountable chip package. Two and four-way resistive power dividers and combiners are currently available from Florida RF / RFMW, Ltd. with typical VSWR of 1.30:1. These power dividers are ideal for broadband applications such as test equipment and military radios. Due to the novel modular design, uneven split ratios are available on request. Available on tape and reel for high speed automated assembly.

: Resistive Power Divider, DC-12 GHz, 2 Way Power Dividing, 1W.

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