RFMW Supports Florida RF Power Samplers

Florida RF Labs SXU00203F 20dB Power Sampler

RFMW , Ltd. announces sales and technical support for Florida RF Labs SXU series of RF power samplers. These wide band samplers offer a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for a termination commonly used with directional couplers, saving both PC board space and part count. Operating up to 4GHz, power can be sampled 10, 20 or 30dB down from the main line. Power handling is up to 50W CW. Applications for these Florida RF Labs Power Samplers include power monitoring for antenna feeds and power amplifiers, switch networks and test instrumentation. Pick and place compatible with standard tape and reel packaging.

SXU00103F: RF Power Sampler, 4GHz, 50W, 10dB coupling

SXU00203F: RF Power Sampler, 4GHz, 50W, 20dB coupling

SXU00303F: RF Power Sampler, 4GHz, 50W, 30dB coupling

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