RFMW Introduces Dual LNA from TriQuint Semiconductor

TriQuint TQP3M9041 LNA

RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for TriQuint Semiconductor dual device amplifier model TQP3M9041. Spanning the frequency range of 2.4GHz to 4GHz, this high linearity, ultra low noise figure LNA offers a 0.8dB noise figure in a balanced configuration at 1.95GHz. Input IP3 is 20dBm with associated gain of greater than 18dB. The TriQuint TQP3M9041 operates from a 4.4V positive supply with no requirement for a negative gate voltage. A shut down mode allows the device to idle at reduced current in TDD type systems. Designed using dual, matched-pair E-pHEMT devices, noise figure from a single channel is 0.33dB min. The TriQuint TQP3M9041 is housed in a 16-pin, 4x4mm QFN and is footprint compatible with the TriQuint TQP3M9039 and TQP3M9040 as a family of dual LNAs that span the frequency range of 500 to 4,000MHz

TQP3M9041 – 2.3-4.0GHz
TQP3M9040 – 1.5-2.3GHz
TQP3M9039 – 0.5-1.5GHz

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