RFMW Announces Economical LNAs from Skyworks Solutions

Skyworks Low Noise AmplifiersRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for three new Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) from Skyworks Solutions.  Targeted towards cellular infrastructure including small cells, tower mounted amplifiers, remote radio units  and repeaters, these three LNAs are footprint compatible with each other and come in a compact, 2x2mm DFN package. The SKY67021-396LF (0.6 – 1.2 GHz), SKY67022-396LF (1.6 – 2.1 GHz), and SKY67023-396LF (2 – 3 GHz) are single stage, GaAs pHEMT LNAs offering excellent return loss and unconditional stability. Active bias ensures consistent performance over process and temperature. These Skyworks LNAs provide high gain while achieving >39 dBm OIP3 and Noise Figure below 1dB. Cost sensitive, the SKY67021-396LF, SKY67022-396LF and SKY67023-396LF offer improved system noise figure in receiver applications where low noise, high efficiency, high gain and good linearity are required.

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