RFMW offers 35W, X-band GaN Power Amp

TriQuint’s TGA2622-CP 35W, X-band GaN Power Amp offers PAE of >43%. 28V, 290mARFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a 35W GaN power amplifier designed for weather and marine radars in the X-band (9 to 10GHz). TriQuint’s TGA2622-CP offers power added efficiency of >43%. Operating from a 28V supply, it draws only 290mA. The TGA2622-CP offers high power in both pulse and CW operation thanks, in part, to TriQuint’s Cu-base packaging offering superior thermal management. Large signal gain is 27.5dB with small signal gain around 30dB. The TriQuint TGA2622-CP is export controlled (ECCN 3A001.b.2.b.)

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