RFMW offers 2350MHz, 0.5W Small Cell PA

Qorvo’s TQP9424 2350MHz, 0.5W Small Cell PA w/36dB gainRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for Qorvo’s TQP9424, a 0.5 watt power amplifier for small cell radios. Spanning the 2300 to 2400MHz frequency band, this internally matched amplifier covers band 30 and band 40 wireless infrastructure applications. The TQP9424 has 36dB of gain and -47dBc ACLR at 27dBm.  Recommended supply voltage is 4.5V with 470mA current draw but it can be operated at 5V if higher power is needed. Qorvo offers this adjustable bias, multi-stage module in a 7x7mm SMT package.

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