85 Watt Transistor from RFMW Supports sub-GHz ISM

NXP Semiconductors MRF085H provides 85 watts of power from 1800 to 1215MHz RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a highly rugged, N-channel, enhancement-mode, LDMOS transistor from NXP Semiconductors. The MRF085H provides 85 watts of power for various applications from 1.8 to 1.215GHz. With unmatched input and output ports, the MRF085H offers narrow-band and wide-band performance. Highly rugged, the device is designed for use in high VSWR industrial, scientific and medical applications and sub-GHz aerospace and defense and mobile radio applications. Suitable for linear applications such as radio transmitters, the device can be used single-ended or in a push-pull configuration and is characterized from 30 to 50V for ease of use.

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John Hamilton has over 40 years of experience in RF and Microwave technology, applications, technical support and marketing. He is the Vice President of Marketing at RFMW, holds multiple degrees and has a background in Test & Measurement.

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