Super Broadband SSPA offers up to 350 Watts

Aethercomm model number SSPA 0.020-1.000-350 operates 20 to 1000 MHz with 100 to 200 Watts linear output power and typical saturated power levels of 300-400 watts RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a multi-decade, GaN, solid state power amplifier from Aethercomm. Model number SSPA 0.020-1.000-350 operates from 20 to 1000 MHz and delivers a linear output power of 100 to 200 Watts for higher Par waveforms but typical saturated power levels of 300-400 watts are available from 100-900 MHz. The SSPA 0.020-1.000-350 can be blanked on and off in less than 10 uSec. Designed for high shock and vibration environments, it can be used on-board airborne platforms as well as ground-based applications with +50 Vdc access. Typical small signal gain is 53-57 dB. Offered in a modular housing that is approximately 6.3″ (w) X 12.8″ (l) X 1.8″ (h), DC and logic connections are accessible via a single 9W4 DSUB connector. The RF input connector is an SMA female. The RF output connector is a TNC female.

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