Versatile Broadband Amplifier delivers 60 Watts

The Ampleon BLM9H0610S-60PG MMIC amplifier delivers > 35 dB of gain and >60 Watts at P1dB power from a 48 VDS supply from 600 to 1000 MHz

RFMW announces design and sales support for a MMIC amplifier from Ampleon. The BLM9H0610S-60PG is a dual section, 2-stage power MMIC using Ampleon’s state of the art GEN9 HV LDMMIC technology. Designed for broadband operation, this multiband device is perfectly suited as a general purpose driver or small cell final stages in the frequency range from 600 to 1000 MHz. The BLM9H0610S-60PG delivers > 35 dB of gain and >60 Watts at P1dB power from a 48 VDS supply. It can also deliver 2.4 W PAV with a – 45 dBc ACPR (5M), 3GPP, single carrier, W-CDMA test signal. On-chip matching and integrated ESD protection simplify design considerations yet biasing of individual stages is externally accessible for circuit optimization. High section-to-section isolation enables multiple configurations such as push-pull, quadrature, Doherty or even single ended. Available only in a Gull wing, surface mount package.

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