RFMW and Florida RF Labs Introduce Lab-Flex 100 & 125

Florida RF Cable Assemblies

Florida RF Labs has expanded its popular Lab-Flex® family of cable assemblies to include 2 new 50 GHz designs. These RF cables contain all of the mechanical and electrical characteristics that have become the standard of excellence for their high performance cable assembly products. They are extremely well-suited for high frequency test applications and high-density interconnects where insertion loss and stability over temperature are concerns. As with all Lab-Flex® product, these assemblies offer >90dB of shielding effectiveness and both offer a wide range of connectors including, but not limited to, SMA, 2.4mm, 2.92mm interfaces in various configurations.

The Lab-Flex® product family currently consists of 5 cable diameters: .100”, .125” .200” .290” and .335”. These flexible, low-loss cable assemblies are all manufactured using a custom solder sleeve and are available with extended boots as well as a wide variety of additional jacket protection for challenging environments and rough handling. Florida RF Lab-Flex® cable assemblies are available through RFMW, Ltd.

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