RF Absorber Kit from MAST Technologies

MAST Technologies RF absorbing elastomers foam and Thermally Conductive material offers cavity resonance disruption surface wave attenuation reflection loss or insertion loss

RFMW announces design and sales support for MAST Technologies microwave absorbing materials. The MD10-0008-00-N Engineering Design Kit contains a variety of samples intended to be cut and utilized during the design process for cavity resonance disruption, surface wave attenuation, reflection loss or insertion loss. Featuring RF absorbing elastomers, RF absorbing foam, and Suppress-n-Sink, RF Absorber + Thermally Conductive pad material, the kit provides solutions for a wide range of applications including concealment, electronic enclosures, antenna systems, wireless networking equipment, test and measurement systems, millimeter wave technologies and PIM reduction. Durable elastomeric material is flexible and will not crack, even in outdoor environments. Foam products are lightweight and broad band. Halogen free and RoHS compliant, the materials are electrically non-conductive and can be placed in direct contact with electronic circuits. MAST MD10-0008-00-N Design Kit is available from RFMW.

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