RFMW Offers Skyworks Family of LNAs

Skyworks SKY67105 LNA Low Noise Amplifier

RFMW announces sales and support for Skyworks new 0.03 to 0.3 GHz low-noise, low-current amplifier. The SKY67015-396LF is a GaAs, pHEMT LNA with active bias and on-die stability structures enabling simple external matching. The SKY67015-396LF offers the ability to externally adjust supply current between 5 – 20 mA. Noise Figure of 0.80 dB, 17.5 dB Gain and 25 dBm OIP3 are achievable at 0.25 GHz with a 3.3V supply and 18 mA of bias current. The Skyworks SKY67015-396LF can also be biased from 1.8 to 5V and will still achieve an OIP3 of 16 dBm, and 12 dBm OP1dB with only 5 mA of bias current from 3.3V supply. This LNA is ideal for use in battery powered wireless transceivers.

Other LNAs in the Skyworks family include these pin compatible devices.
SKY67012-396LF: 300 to 600 MHz
SKY67013-396LF: 600 to 1500 MHz
: 1500 to 3000 MHz

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