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NXP Achieves Breakthrough Noise Figure Performance with Extreme Broadband Amplifiers
RFMW announces the availability of NXP’s new family of extreme-broadband amplifiers, applicable for CATV, broadcast TV, satellite systems and general ISM applications – the BGA3012, BGA3015 and BGA3018. Delivering outstanding performance on key parameters including high P1dB and OIP3, very low noise figures, 5 and 8V supply voltage operation and a superior ESD rating, these amplifiers are suitable for applications that require robustness and outstanding gain, noise and linearity performance, providing end-users with improved reception quality and higher bandwidth. Click here for more information.

: UHF Power LDMOS Transistor

RFMW announces the BLF884P, BLF884PS, and
BLF884PS EVAL from NXP – A 350 W LDMOS RF power transistor for broadcast transmitter applications and industrial applications. The excellent ruggedness of this device makes it ideal for digital and analog transmitter applications. Click here for more information.

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