Darlington Pair Gain Blocks from RFMW offer Options

Qorvo Darlington pair SiGe Gain Blocks with DC to 5000MHz coverageRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a series of Darlington pair SiGe gain block amplifiers from Qorvo. Operating over frequency ranges as high as DC to 5000MHz, the six gain blocks in this series (QPA0363A, QPA2263A, QPA4263A, QPA4463A, QPA4363A, QPA4563A) offer gain and output power options for applications in LTE infrastructure, repeaters, Test & Measurement and defense/aerospace. Operating from single, positive voltage supply allows a variety of voltage rails with simple dropping resistors to create a nominal 2.5V device bias. Internally matched, the gain blocks are cascadable and available in SOT-363 packaging.

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