RFMW offers Enhanced Frequency Range USB Controlled Signal Generator

Telemakus TEG4000-1 USB controlled RF generator covers 35MHz to 4000MHzRFMW , Ltd. announces application and sales support for the Telemakus TEG4000-1 USB controlled, RF generator. Enhanced to cover a frequency range of 35MHz to 4000MHz, this laboratory quality generator offers a programmable RF output with 1KHz resolution. As a low cost RF source, the TEG4000-1 provides performance similar to much higher priced generators such as Phase Noise of -108dBc/Hz@100KHz offset and spurious performance of -75dBc. Along with frequency, output power is controllable up to 1dBm typical (minimum 0dbm). Second harmonics are kept to -20dBc. When coupled with other Telemakus USB controlled devices such as amplifiers, attenuators, switches, vector modulators and detectors, complex text functions are achievable. Weighing less than an ounce, Telemakus test devices represent the latest technology in low cost, transportable test equipment. Each unit’s graphical user interface (GUI) is resident in on-board Flash memory making them “plug and play” for Window’s based PCs.

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