Dual Use Antennas serve Military and Commercial Applications

Southwest Antennas’ half-wave, omni, dipole antennas span 700 to 2600MHz and handle up to 50W of input powerRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for Southwest Antennas’ half-wave, omnidirectional, dipole antennas. Originally developed for Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS), these antennas span 700 to 2600MHz, handle up to 50W of input power and are applicable to many commercial VHF, L and S band systems. For example, the 1001-149 spans 1,250 – 1,850 MHz and provides 2.1 dBi of gain. Part number 1001-154 is similar but with a spring-base versus gooseneck. And part number 1001-152 offers an integrated, sealed and waterproof RF Gooseneck assembly with an internal GPS notch filter to help eliminate out-of-band transmitter noise. Applicable for voice and data applications, the antennas also serve Soldier Radio Waveforms (SRW) and law enforcement. Standard connectors are black chrome, non-rotating, TNC male.

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