39 GHz SMT Interdigital Filter

The Cubic Nuvotronics PSF39B04S, surface mount, mmWave, interdigital filter has a pass band of 37.0 to 41.0 GHz

RFMW announces design and sales support for mmWave, surface mount filters from Cubic Nuvotronics. The PSF39B04S interdigital filter has a pass band of 37.0 to 41.0 GHz with 50 Ω characteristic impedance. Handling a maximum input power of 2 Watts, this SMT filters’ insertion loss is <2.2 dB and boasts >30 dB upper and lower bandpass rejection. PolyStrata technology provides wide bandwidth, exceptional filtering performance and minimal part-to-part variation for consistent results in production environments supporting 5G backhaul, satellite communications, RF telemetry, and instrumentation. RoHS compliant, PSF39B04S filters are available on tape and reel for standard SMT process assembly.

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