Affordable Test Bench in A Box

The S-Series “Test Bench in A Box” from Elite RF is a general-purpose, all-inclusive RF test bench in one enclosure.

RFMW announces sales support for the S-Series “Test Bench in A Box” from Elite RF. The S-Series is a general-purpose, all-inclusive RF test bench in one enclosure. The RF equipment built into the S-series can be used “stand-alone” or with other external equipment. A compact and cost-effective alternative to bulky and expensive test equipment has been the dream of many RF engineers. Elite RF developed the S-Series, multi-purpose test equipment product, to be a workhorse with development goals to be as versatile as possible, have a small footprint and yet remain affordable compared to the typical RF test equipment on the market. With the goals met, the standard line S-series RF test equipment is an all-in-one, cost-effective piece of equipment that incorporates a Spectrum Analyzer, RF Tracking Generator, Dual Signal Generator, RF Power Amplifier, 4 Channel Scope, and RF Power Meter. Multiple configurations are available depending on frequency range and required functionality. For example, the model SPA1241 includes a 100 KHz – 12.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, 100 KHz – 12.4 GHz RF Tracking Generator, 54 MHz – 13.6 GHz Dual Signal Generator, 100 MHz – 18 GHz RF / 1 watt Power Amplifier, 200 MHz 4 Channel Scope and 10 MHz – 12.5 GHz RF Power Meter.

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