Rosenberger Board-to-Board Solutions for 5G

Rosenberger Board-to-Board Solutions for 5G

As 5G network applications continue to gain momentum, compatible radio frequency (RF) connector systems are playing an increasingly crucial role. Factors like higher signal frequencies and data rates, packing density and signal integrity requirements, are accelerating the demand for high-performance and high-quality board-to-board connection solutions.

Rosenberger, a global and innovative leader in RF technology, has developed a wide range of RF interconnects for future PCB applications. These board-to- board solutions connect circuit boards on top of each other or in parallel. The use of connectors in these mobile electronic devices presents two challenges:

  • The compensation of manufacturing tolerances
  • PCB movement from shocks, vibration or temperature changes

Addressing Axial and Radial Misalignments

A key feature that addresses such axial (Figure 1) and radial (Figure 2) misalignments is the adapter (bullet), which maintains transmission integrity in the event of slight misalignment. All of Rosenberger’s surface mount PCB connectors use patented Surface Mount Coaxial Connector (SMCC) technology where the coax to planar transition is made internally in the connector. This feature, along with Rosenberger’s optimized footprint, significantly reduces the designer’s time in developing new PCB layouts.

Axial Misalignment Example

Figure 1: Axial Misalignment Example

Radial Misalignment Example

Figure 2: Radial Misalignment Example

Photos courtesy of Rosenberger

Board-toBoard Connections with Multiple Channels

Rosenberger North America now offers the Efficient Board Connector (EBC) (Figure 3) with an impressive four-degrees of radial tolerance. The self-aligning blind mate function makes it optimal for board-to-board connections where many channels are being mated at the same time. With a frequency range up to 8 GHz and low return loss even during a misalignment, the EBC solution is quickly being adopted for a wide range of high-performance and high-quality board-to-board requirements in a variety of applications.

Rosenberger Board-toBoard Finger

Figure 3: Rosenberger EBC Board-to-Board System Compensates for Both Axial and Radial Misalignment

Offering designers a high degree of flexibility with regard to alignment tolerances, simplifying the entire production process, and strong performance is what helps Rosenberger solutions stand out in the industry. Besides these innovative new product developments Rosenberger’s product range also includes connectors for all common and high-frequency standard series.

Board-to-Board Solutions Available at RFMW

RFMW’s technical sales staff and customer service representatives are available to support designs requiring board-to-board connections and offfer a broad assortment of in-stock connectors and bullets.

Browse Rosenberger product offerings available at RFMW, or learn more by viewing Rosenberger’s RF Board-to-Board and Board-to-Cable Connectors brochure

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