Iridium / GPS Antenna for Small Form Factor Radios

The Southwest Antennas’ 1027-035 rugged, high-performance hemispherical antenna supports Iridium and GPS L1

RFMW announces design and sales support for a Southwest Antennas’ passive hemispherical antenna. The 1027-035 rugged, high-performance Iridium and GPS L1 antenna supports Iridium transmission and reception for worldwide voice and data communication along with receive only L1 GPS position and timing services. Key features include a quadrifilar helical antenna design, excellent axial ratio, compact size, and light weight for Iridium or GPS receivers, manpack radios, hand-held tactical radio systems, and other small form factor radios in unmanned systems, autonomous vehicles, and other automated or remote assets where antenna size needs to be minimized. IP67 rated, the 1027-035 features a recessed TNC(m) Non-Rotating RF connector.

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