Qorvo’s Reconfigurable Driver Amplifiers Selected for Expert Product Pick

Qorvo’s Reconfigurable Driver Amplifiers Selected for Expert Product Pick

1. What made you select Qorvo’s QPA0004 and QPA0007 as your top product picks?

Qorvo’s QPA0004 and QPA0007 are unique to the market. They differentiate from other products in their category in the value they offer. Their chip-level design allows circuit elements to be switched in/out of networks and results in an optimized amplifier that can operate in different frequency bands. Both products are electronically reconfigurable with control signals applications.

2. What are key features/specifications of Qorvo’s QPA0004 and QPA0007?

One of the top key features of the QPA0007 and the QPA0004 is their new reconfigurable technology that enables next-generation dual-band radar systems. Both products are Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWAP-C) efficient:

  • Size
    • Integration, Packaging, Volume, BOM Count
  • Weight
    • Transport, Payload, Launch, Flight Time, Fuel Burn
  • Power
    • Performance, RF Power, Resolution, Range, Heat
  • Cost
    • Components, Manufacturing, Operating, Service Life

3. What are common/typical markets and applications for the QPA0004 and QPA0007?

Qorvo’s QPA0007 and QPA0004 are commonly used in applications surrounding ships, aircraft, space, mobile, and portable systems. These products can be used in instances where both S-Band and X-Band are required, PSAT levels achieve mission needs, and in applications where weight, size/volume, BOM count, and overall reduction in system complexity are beneficial.

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