Optimal Time-to-Market tools for Solid-State Microwave Systems

Optimal Time-to-Market tools for Solid-State Microwave Systems

Beginning a new Power RF development from scratch should be a fascinating technical endeavor. However, maintaining your desired time-to-market goals can be challenging with high-power RF design as it involves deep technical knowledge in crafting circuit characterization, calibration, and years spent with simulators, soldering stations, and laboratory instruments. From a technical perspective, solid-state microwave technology may seem to be the optimal solution for your project, but careful consideration is required before you decide to incorporate the technology. One of the best approaches to start a challenging new project is by providing your lab with the best working tools for it. LEANFA solutions are optimal for Power RF projects. Built on sturdy pillars and widely tested with heavy loads coming from international roads, LEANFA components provide developers with reliable, high-performance solid-state microwave systems that can help ensure time-to-market.

LEANFA designs and manufactures solid-state RF, microwave generators, and more. Their broad portfolio offers high-quality hardware units and modern software platforms that have been tailored by an engineering team with 25 years of in-field expertise in high-frequency/high-power electronics. Working as a technological partner, LEANFA offers off-the-shelf and customized solutions to industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) field manufacturers.

Designed for convenient integration, LEANFA’s modular and scalable OEM generators allow for a simple transition from a prototypal proof of concept to a reliable commercial scale-up, while minimizing potential risks along the way.

Additionally, LEANFA’s benchtop units are specifically produced for research laboratories that need a plug-and-play solution for their experimentation targets. Their reliable benchtop units feature comfortable touch-panel user interfaces and integrated cooling units that guarantee optimal performance even with the highly mismatched loads of extended radiation times.

The LEANGEN-2450M-500-M (left) & the LEANGEN-2450M-500-E (right)
Figure 1: The LEANGEN-2450M-500-M (left) & the LEANGEN-2450M-500-E (right)

The LEANGEN-2450M-500-M (Figure 1) is a compact 500W liquid-cooled OEM generator module that features analog and digital control interfaces, CW and pulsed radiation, output frequency selection in the 2400-2500 MHz band, and fully isolated output for safe operation with mismatched loads. Its benchtop laboratory counterpart is the LEANGEN-2450M-500-E, and is currently the most compact solid-state 500W 2450MHz complete generator on the market. The LEANGEN-2450M-500-E features a comprehensive touch-panel GUI in addition to the attractive technical characteristics of the OEM unit. LEANFA’s configurable portfolio of Evaluation Kits are also available to guarantee a quick assessment phase by customers or those who are new to solid-state microwaves.

When examining your time-to-market strategy, you should consider relying on the union between RFMW and LEANFA. Leveraging RFMW’s worldwide professional network with LEANFA’s innovative products and real-time technical support, streamlines the complicated path of new, high-tech projects.

For additional RF test accessories, RFMW has assembled a variety of components supporting calibration, interconnect and test. ISM focused components can be found here. Broader frequency components are here.

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