mmWave Spatial Combining Amplifier

Qorvo’s Spatium™ QPB3238N solid state, spatial-combining amplifier spans 32 to 38 GHz. With 51.6 of saturated output power

RFMW announces design and sales support for a high frequency, high power amplifier from Qorvo. Qorvo’s Spatium™ QPB3238N is a solid state, spatial-combining amplifier with an operating range of 32 to 38 GHz. With 51.6 dBm of saturated output power, this amplifier is the ideal building block for Satcom BUC’s and other millimeter-wave subsystems with wide-ranging applications. Using patented and field-proven Spatium combining technology, the QPB3238N provides unprecedented performance in a rugged, compact size and weight which reduces total cost of ownership compared to alternative technologies. Equipped with an integrated bias card, the amplifier offers convenient design, reducing electrical losses in the bias networks, and weight reduction over using a separate bias card. Instant on (no warm up time) provides advantages over legacy TWT designs.

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