RFMW Introduces Ultra Low-noise LNA from TriQuint Semiconductor

TriQuint TQP3M9036 LNARFMW , Ltd. announces design and sales support for TriQuint Semiconductor’s TQP3M9036, internally matched, low noise amplifier combining a 0.45dB noise figure with 19dB gain and 35dBm OIP3 in a 2x2mm DFN package. This newest addition to TriQuint’s LNA product line provides an instantaneous bandwidth of 400 to 2000MHz and requires only bypass/blocking capacitors and a bias inductor for operation, no matching components are required to achieve this high level of performance. In addition, TriQuint engineering has integrated shut-down biasing capability to allow for TDD applications. The low noise figure make this amplifier an ideal choice for 1st stage LNAs in wireless infrastructure, TDD/FDD systems and BTS transceiver and repeaters. The TQP3M9036 is pin compatible to the TQP3M9037, 1500-2700MHz LNA released early 2012. Both are available from stock at RFMW, Ltd.

: 400-2000MHz LNA with Shut Down Capability
TQP3M9037: 1500-2700MHz LNA with Shut Down Capability

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