RFMW Introduces 2W Power Amplifier Module from RFMD

RFMW , Ltd. announces design and sales support for the RFPA2026, 700 to 2700MHz, 2W power amplifier module from RFMD. The RFPA2026 is a 3-stage module with independent bias control for each stage plus the ability to bypass the first stage to reduce gain and power consumption. With all stages active, the RFPA2026 provides 38dB of gain at 2140MHz with a corresponding P1dB of 33dBm. External matching and bias control allows the RFPA2026 to be optimized for various applications including small-cell power amplifiers and ultra-linear driver amplifiers. A power down capability decreases power consumption and improves system sensitivity. The RFPA2026 operates with a simple 5V supply and comes in a 6 x 6mm MCM package. A complementary 1W device is available as the RFPA2016.

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