RFMW Supports Skyworks Varactor Diodes



Skyworks SMV1771-040LF Hyperabrupt Varactor Diode
RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for Skyworks diode products. The SMV1771-040LF is a surface mount, hyperabrupt, tuning varactor diode offering a high capacitance ratio and low series resistance. This combination of characteristics makes the Skyworks 
ideal for use in low phase noise, voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) operating from VHF to 2.5GHz. Applications include telecom infrastructure, military, automotive and consumer. The Skyworks SMV1771-040LF provides a replacement for the Renesas HVC374B which has announced end of life status.
Part Number Min. Voltage Breakdown (V) Capacitance @ 1V (pF) Typ. Capacitance Ratio Max. Series Resistance @ 1V (ohms) Pacakge Dimensions (mm)

12 22-24 2.7 0.5 SOD-882 1.0×0.6×0.46
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