RFMW Introduces Broadband VGA from TriQuint Semiconductor

TriQuint Variable Gain Amplifier - VGA - TQM8M9079 RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for TriQuint Semiconductor’s TQM8M9079 variable gain amplifier (VGA) with a 2200MHz instantaneous band width. Covering 500 to 2700MHz, the TQM8M9079 combines two gain blocks with a voltage variable attenuator (VVA) to provide 38dB of gain with 30dB gain variation range. The TriQuint TQM8M9079 draws 95mA of current from a 5V supply to provide 16dBm P1dB. Ideal for L-band radio, IF gain control in PTP systems or repeaters, the TQM8M9079 is housed in a compact, 5x5mm QFN package.

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