RFMW GaN LNA Covers 6-12GHz

X-band LNA offers <1.8dB NF from 6-12GHz. TGA2612 from TriQuintRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the TGA2612 from TriQuint. Optimized for performance from 6-12GHz, the TGA2612 features >22dB small signal gain with 20dBm P1dB. Noise figure is <1.8dB while OIP3 is an industry leading 29dBm. Designed with TriQuint TQGaN25 GaN process technology, the TGA2612 finds applications in X-band radar as well as commercial and military communication systems where the ability to survive up to 2W of input power without performance degradation possibly eliminates the need for a power limiter. To simplify system integration, the TriQuint TGA2612 is fully matched to 50 ohms with integrated DC blocking caps on both input and output ports.

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