Frequency Synthesis Capable Integer-N PLL Supports 4/5GHz

Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE33241integer-N PLL capable of frequency synthesis up to 5 GHz.RFMW , Ltd. announces design and sales support for Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE33241, a high performance, flexible  integer-N PLL capable of frequency synthesis up to 5 GHz. The PE33241 offers a low phase-noise floor FOM of -230 dBc/Hz, a 20dB normalized phase noise improvement over previous generation PLLs. With a dual mode prescalar modulus of 10/11 up to 5 GHz and 5/6 up to 4 GHz, the Peregrine PE33241 can be used in multiple applications including LOs for up/down frequency converters, frequency synthesizers and timing generators. Flexible programming includes serial and hardwired programming modes. The PE33241 comes in a 7x7mm QFN package and draws only 75mA from a 2.8V supply. An evaluation kit (EK33241-13) is available to support design opportunities.

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