RFMW Offers Bypass LNA Gain Block

TriQuint’s TQL9044 LNA market leading 0.6dB noise figure from 1.5 – 4GHz.RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a unique Low Noise Amplifier/Gain Block. TriQuint’s TQL9044 offers market leading 0.6dB noise figure from 1.5 – 4GHz. Integrated bypass modes allow circuit designers the ability to control both LNA shutdown and internal bypass switching. Three modes are available: LNA off, bypass off; Bypass on, LNA off; Bypass off, LNA on. This flexibility finds applications in wireless infrastructure, small cell BTS and tower mounted amplifiers. Only a single 3-5V positive supply is required for bias. Amplifier gain of the TQL9044 is rated at 19dB with OIP3 of 34.5dBm. In addition to the TQL9044, TriQuint offers two complementary bypass LNAs; the TQL9042 covering 0.5 – 2GHz and the TQL9043 covering 1.5 – 2.7GHz. All three devices come in 3x3mm DFN packaging.

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