Telemakus Releases Application Note on Phase Shifter Fundamentals

Telemakus TEP4000-5 phase shifter fundamentals covered in free white paper. RFMW, Ltd. announces an application note detailing the fundamentals of phase shifters including theory of operation, critical parameters, and applications for test and measurement. Telemakus offers USB controlled phase shifters covering 1-8GHz with 12-bit DAC resolution and greater than 400 degrees of phase control. Models extending the frequency coverage to 18GHz are discussed. The application note outlines key phase shifter parameters and how the Telemakus phase shifters provide a highly useful function in the world of RF and Microwave test and control. Telemakus USB controlled products weigh less than an ounce and are provided with a 3 foot, high retention-force USB cable.

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