RFMW offers High-Q Tunable Inductors

RFMW offers 5SQ series High-Q Tunable Inductors from Frontier ElectronicsRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the 5SQ series of Tunable Inductors from Frontier Electronics. The 5SQ series offers the highest Q in the industry (Q=100 for the 5SQ-08). Low insertion loss minimizes roll-off near the cut-off frequency in low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filter applications. Diplexer designs benefit from the low insertion loss as well and experience very good stability over temperature. Additional applications include tuner circuits and oscillators. The 5SQ series tunable inductors have an impressive reliability history with zero field failures among the 50 million pieces already shipped by Frontier Electronics. Inductance ranges from 0.0275uH (5SQ-01A) to 0.53uH (5SQ-09) with self-resonant frequencies from 450 to 1450MHz. Frontier Electronics 5SQ series tunable inductors are all RoHS compliant.

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