Ampleon 140W ISM Band Transistor Provides Clean Power

NXP’s BLF2425M7LS140 140W CW power with 18.5dB of gain. 2400 to 2500MHz ISM bandRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for an LDMOS power transistor internally matched for broadband operation from 2400 to 2500MHz. Ampleon’s BLF2425M7LS140 provides 140W average CW power with 18.5dB of gain. The BLF2425M7LS140 draws 1.3A from a 28V supply with efficiencies up to 52%. Housed in a ceramic package with solder ears, the BLF2425M7LS140 is a highly rugged transistor for industrial heating applications.  Ampleon provides a range of high power transistors for the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band centered at 2450MHz. Ampleon solid state RF amplifiers enable highly reliable, more efficient and more controllable clean power sources for RF plasma, industrial drying and cooking when compared to alternatives such as magnetrons.

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