6-bit Phase Shifter from RFMW spans 2.5 to 4GHz

Qorvo TGP2108-SM digital phase shifter offers 6 bits of resolution with 5.625 degree LSB from 2.5 to 4GHzRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the TGP2108-SM. This surface mount, digital phase shifter from Qorvo offers 6 bits of resolution with 5.625 degree LSB (least significant bit). RMS phase error is <2 degrees. RMS amplitude error is 0.4dB. Insertion loss of the TGP2108-SM is only 5dB and it can handle an input P1dB of 29dBm for applications such as commercial radar, military radar and communication systems. Offering good linearity (IIP3 = 45dBm), this phase shifter is bi-directional and is offered in a plastic overmold, 5x5mm, QFN package.

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