RFMW’s Band 1 (B1) Uplink BAW Filter offers Low Loss

Qorvo TQQ7301 BAW Filter for Band 1 Uplink, 1920 to 1980MHzRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a B1 uplink filter. The Qorvo TQQ7301 uses BAW technology providing high isolation and low loss for small cells, LTE data cards, repeaters and base station infrastructure applications. Covering the 60MHz bandwidth of 1920 to 1980MHz, insertion loss is only 4dB while attenuation of unwanted signals is 30dB. Additionally, the TQQ7301 can handle up to 27dBm of input power. Qorvo offers this single-ended filter in an industry standard 3x3mm, SMT package.

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