RFMW’s 48V Doherty Transistor offers 110/220W

Qorvo QPD2730 Doherty GaN transistor with 53.7dBm P3dB Doherty output RFMW Ltd RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a Doherty GaN transistor from Qorvo. The QPD2730 provides an average power of 45.6dBm with Doherty output of up to 53.7dBm P3dB. Doherty gain is 16dB. Ideal for wireless communications infrastructure in the 2.575 to 2.635GHz range, the QPD2730 is optimized for Band 7 macrocell applications. This transistor offers 53% drain efficiency operating from a 48V supply and drawing 210mA. It comes in a 4 lead, ceramic air cavity package.

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