RFMW’s 20dB GaAs Power Doubler MMIC

Qorvo QPB8808 45 to 1218MHz GaAs power doubler MMIC used in DOCSIS 3 1 compliant CATV amplifiersRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the Qorvo QPB8808, a 45 – 1218MHz GaAs power doubler MMIC used in DOCSIS 3.1 compliant CATV amplifiers. This GaAs MMIC offers excellent high output linearity at +12V.  The QPB8808 provides 20.6dB of gain and 57dBmV output at 1218MHz. CSO is rated at -77dBc while CTB is rated at -79dBc. Variable bias control allows fine tuning in HFC nodes and line amplifiers. Maximum current draw is 525mA from a 12V supply. Offered in a compact, 5×7 QFN package for minimal PCB space requirements.

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