Balanced Linear Amplifier from RFMW has Integrated Hybrids

Qorvo QPA9801 Linear Amplifier operates over 1805 to 2400MHz with 26.4dBm P1dB and a shutdown modeRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a linear amplifier with a large array of product features. The Qorvo QPA9801 operates over 1805 to 2400MHz with two, internal, low noise amplifiers in a balanced configuration utilizing two, internal, hybrid couplers. This offers designers excellent gain flatness of 0.1dB across a 100MHz bandwidth and 20dB of RF gain. Additionally, return loss is improved while inputs and outputs are matched to 50 ohms. With 26.4dBm P1dB and a shutdown mode, the QPA9801 lends itself to wireless infrastructure, macro base stations, booster amps and repeater applications.

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