180W Transistor from RFMW offer Highest Power for ATSC 3.0 Broadcast

Ampleon BLF898S 50 Volt LDMOS power transistor for use in UHF Digital Television BroadcastingRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a high power transistor from Ampleon. The BLF898(S) is a 50 Volt LDMOS power transistor for use in UHF (Digital) Television Broadcasting and CW /pulsed CW Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) applications. With 180W (average) DVB-T power capability in class-AB, the BLF898(S) offers the highest power available in a single transistor for the UHF Broadcast market making it extremely well suited for the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard which requires a higher peak-to-average power capability than the previous ATSC standards. Excellent ruggedness, capable of withstanding output mismatches equal to 40:1, makes it ideal for both digital and analog transmitter applications and is designed for use in asymmetrical classical Doherty configurations in combination with one of the leading products in this market – the BLF888B. It can also be used in asymmetrical Odd-Mode Doherty applications.

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John Hamilton has over 40 years of experience in RF and Microwave technology, applications, technical support and marketing. He is the Vice President of Marketing at RFMW, holds multiple degrees and has a background in Test & Measurement.

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