RFMW offers High Speed Driver for Switching Applications

Peregrine PE29102 integrated high-speed driver for switching power supply applications and differential voltage translatorsRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a high-speed FET driver from Peregrine Semiconductor. The PE29102 is designed to control the gates of external power devices such as GaN FETs providing switching transition speeds in the sub-nanosecond range for switching power supply applications up to 40MHz. Offering best-in-class propagation delay to improve system bandwidth, high switching speeds result in smaller peripheral components and enable innovative designs for applications such as class D audio and wireless charging. As a differential voltage translator, the PE29102 offers a high slew rate differential signal with adjustable output levels providing control signal requirements for switches such as Peregrine’s PE42525, 60 GHz switch. This driver is offered in a flip-chip package.

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