RFMW Signal Generator IC serves RF Energy Applications

Ampleon BLP25RFE001 RF Energy ISM band RF signal generator ICRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a compact RF signal generator IC from Ampleon. The BLP25RFE001 is covers 433MHz, 915MHz and 2.45GHz RF Energy ISM bands commonly used in industrial heating or microwave cooking applications. With a 3.3V supply and an output power of up to +24dBm, this RF Energy signal generator IC can be controlled using an industry standard SPI bus. The BLP25RFE001 incorporates an on-board, die, temperature sensor, 20dB of amplitude control, a switch for Pulse Width Modulation and a 360 degree phase shifter (programmable in 1.4 degree steps) to allow phase control. Devices can be daisy-chained to allow source coherence, both of which are important in RF Energy applications using multiple amplifier chains. Packaged in a thermally enhanced 5x5mm QFN.

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