RFMW Supports VITA 67 Connectors from Delta Electronics

RFMW Supports VITA 67 Connectors from Delta Electronics RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the Delta Electronics Manufacturing VITA 67 series connectors targeted for applications requiring robust mechanical and environmental performance in a small package. Supporting RF frequencies up to 40GHz, VITA 67 connectors are ganged into a housing to provide 4, 8 or more position interfaces for motherboard / daughterboard solutions in Hi-Rel, high density Aerospace and Defense applications, high speed cable applications and constricted space applications as found in Avionics platforms. Using SMPM connectors on the front side, the back-side interface is customer specific from SMPM or DM45 to .047 or .086 cable. Delta offers a brochure for their 4 and 8 position housings.

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