65V GaN Transistor offers 1.8KW for Avionics

Qorvo's QPD1025 offers 1563 Watts P3dB power from 1000 to 1100MHz. 65V operation and 77.4 percent PAERFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a high-power GaN transistor from Qorvo. The QPD1025 offers 1862 Watts of P3dB RF power from 1000 to 1100MHz, satisfying IFF transponders and other avionics applications. 65V operation offers higher efficiency (77.2% PAE) compared to LDMOS transistors for improved system performance. The QPD1025 provides 22.5dB of linear gain and is input pre-matched for ease-of-use. Capable of both CW and pulsed operation, it’s available in an ‘eared’ package as the QPD1025L.

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