5 Volt Return Path Amplifier Spans 210MHz for DOCSIS 3.1

Qorvo QPB3311 Return Path Amplifier spans 5 to 210MHz with 15dB of gain for DOCSIS 3.1RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a single-ended return path amplifier serving DOCSIS 3.1 applications in head-end CMTS equipment, optical nodes and residential amplifiers. The Qorvo QPB3311 spans 5 to 210MHz with 15dB of gain. It runs on both 5 and 8V supplies. Noise figure is specified at 3.8dB while OIP3 is 47dBm and P1dB is 23.5dBm. Offered in a standard SOIC8 package, the QPB3311 can also serve as a post-amplifier for return path optical receivers.

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