xPON Video Receiver Integrates Adjustable Attenuator

Qorvo QPB9015 xPON Video Receiver integrates 25dB attenuator for 45 to 1218 MHz RFoG and FTTX systems. RFMW announces design and sales support for a Passive Optical Network (PON) video receiver from Qorvo. The QPB9015 Integrates a voltage-controlled attenuator (VCA) with 25 dB of gain range enabling automatic gain control for constant 19 to 23 dBmv/channel output in RFoG network interfaces and xPON RF overlays for FTTX triplexer-equipped ONT video receivers. Constant output signal insures consistent video quality. The QPB9015 operates over a bandwidth of 45 to 1218 MHz and utilizes a 5V supply consuming 1.5 Watts of DC power. Gain is rated at 37 dBa/W with optical input power ranging from -10 to +2 dBm. Offered in an 11 x 11 mm SMT package.

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