Low Threshold Limiter Module offers Coverage to 6GHz

Skyworks SKY16601-555LF PIN diode limiter module covers 0.5 to 6.0GHz.RFMW announces design and sales support for Skyworks SKY16601-555LF PIN diode limiter module covering the frequency range of 0.5 to 6.0 GHz. The SKY16601-555LF addresses the need for passive protection of LNAs in microwave receiver applications. It is a fully integrated PIN diode, low-threshold limiter module in a 2.5 x 2.5 mm SMT package. Capable of handling 230 W pulsed power, insertion loss is only 0.1 dB while return loss is specified at 27.5 dB. Typical threshold level is 11 dBm with a flat leakage power of 13 dBm at 20 dBm input. Low distortion highlights this device making it applicable for use in military communication transceivers, VSAT, S-band radar, jammers, GPS and cellular infrastructure.

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