High Rejection bandBoost BAW Filter for WiFi

The Qorvo QPQ1906 BAW band-pass filter exhibits low loss in Wi-Fi channels 10-11

RFMW announces design and sales support for high-performance, high power, Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) band-pass filter. The Qorvo QPQ1906 exhibits low loss in the Wi-Fi band (Channels 10 – 11) and high, near-in rejection in the 2.4 GHz lower frequency channels allowing simultaneous use of Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Thread or BLE channels. Specifically designed to enable unique use cases where sub-dividing usable channels within the available Wi-Fi spectrum becomes an advantage, bandBoost enhances operation from 2447-2472 MHz while extremely steep filter skirts reject channels 1 – 2. With power handling to +28 dBm average input power, the QPQ1906 supports access points, wireless routers, residential gateways and customer premise equipment.

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