12 Watt X-Band Power Amplifier

Qorvo’s 8 to 12 GHz QPA2612 delivers > 12 W Psat and 23 dB of large-signal gain


RFMW announces design and sales support for high performance power amplifier from Qorvo’s QGaN15 0.15 um GaN on SiC process. Operating from 8 to 12 GHz, the QPA2612 delivers > 12 W of saturated output power and 23 dB of large-signal gain while achieving an impressive 40% power-added efficiency. Small signal gain from this amplifier is up to 34 dB. Ideal as a final PA or to drive Qorvo GaN HPAs in Radar, communications and EW applications, the QPA2612 is packaged in a small 5 x 5 mm plastic overmold QFN. The package easily supports tight lattice spacing requirements for phased array radar applications. RF input and output ports are matched to 50 Ω and DC grounded. The device draws 250 mA from a 24 Volt supply.

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